What is SRT Technology?

At the heart of all Q-Link® products is Sympathetic Resonance Technology(SRT), which is based on the fundamental scientific discovery that  every physical system has fields of energy that permeate and surround  that system.

When systems vibrate at their optimal frequency  spectrums, they are able to function more efficiently and deliver expected, even enhanced, levels of performance. When these systems are  not vibrating ideally, reduced efficiency and performance can result. In humans, the principal energy system is known as the "Biofield" - a term officially recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

SRT is an array of proprietarily identified frequencies that support and  enhance the efficiency and performance of various organic and inorganic  systems. Biological, electrical, chemical and other physical systems  influenced by SRT applications exhibit increased functionality,  coherence, structural integrity and other positive characteristics and  benefits.

SRT has proven its effectiveness in a wide range of experiments, including  trials at UC Irvine, University of Vienna, and Imperial College London,  all of which demonstrated significant effects on living systems.

Two technology versions are currently available, SRT-2 and SRT-3. Both  contain the same beneficial energy supporting/clarifying/enhancing  frequencies. What sets them apart is how quickly and robustly those  frequencies are delivered to the wearer. SRT-3 enabled products deliver  the most responsive support to the user and are ideal for those  regularly immersed in stressful and/or performance demanding  environments/circumstances. SRT-2 enabled products meet the needs of  those who are under less stressful, less performance oriented  situations. For assistance with choosing which Q-Link product(s) are  best for you,

Though every wearer's response to Q-Link products is unique, the most commonly reported benefits include heightened energy, more rapid return to  centered emotional balance, enhanced physiological (physical, athletic,  mental, spiritual) performance and output, increased well-being and  quality of life, deeper more restful sleep and greater stamina.


Qlink Clear for your cell phone,  computer or tablet.

QLink Clear

Qlink Pendant to wear to protect you.

QLink Pendant

Qlink Bracelet for your personal protection.

QLink Bracelet
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